Yoga Classes at Rhinelander UCC

Peace. Ahhhhh. Flexibility. Strength. Balance. Yoga offers all of these and you can do yoga right here at Rhinelander UCC. Every Wednesday, we have two yoga classes: at 11:00, chair yoga for those people who’d rather not get down onto the floor. And at noon: floor yoga. You don’t need to be a UCC member to come and enjoy these free classes. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a sticky yoga mat (you can buy them many places). Then, get ready to breathe, stretch and settle into relaxation at the very end of class. Yoga isn’t a religion, although there are spiritual insights to be gained if we are open to them. And yoga won’t “make” us fit, but it does result, with regular practice, in increased strength, flexibility and balance. People of all ages, body types and abilities can do yoga, and there are many ways to adapt yoga practice to fit different people. Yoga is thousands of years old and practitioners, old and young, find it to be “slow, but strong medicine” for improving physical and emotional wellbeing. If you bring an attitude of curiosity, openness, absence of expectations, and the willingness to be “in the moment”, you might find that yoga is just what’s needed. Whoever you are and wherever you are on life’s journey, you’re welcome here! Questions? Call 715-365-1535.


  • Elaine Freimuth says:

    This really looks interesting! I just might have to come & try this! Thanks for sharing! Elaine

    • Tom Jerow says:


      Thanks for the positive feedback about Yoga. You would be most welcome to attend Yoga class. Jane Baning is a very gentle teacher and we are a class of mostly beginners. Jane give lots of options so it is really easy for beginners to get the hang of things. The people are also great fun. Please do stop by sometime. Tom

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