Love Rhinelander Sunday Workers

On Sunday, October 19, many members and children came early to church wearing bright red ‘T’ Shirts emblazoned with LOVE RHINELANDER logo. They came together in the church at 8:55am before the worship service for a blessing given by the pastor then left to take up shovels, brushes, weed whackers, sponges, pens and paper. They went to local homes to clean windows, clear gutters and brush, clear the community garden and add mulch. The less active members got together to write letters of support to serving military personnel and others worked on quilts for our church camps at St. Germain and Green Lake. Still others baked cookies. At the end of the morning the Love Rhinelander Team came back to the church to talk about what they had achieved – and taste the newly baked cookies washed down with coffee and juice. The event was so successful that plans are already being worked on for a repeat next year.

Love Rhinelander Love Rhinelander Love Rhinelander Love Rhinelander Love Rhinelander

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