Education & Events

Study and Share

Do you ever wonder what the story is behind scripture passages? The group that gathers for Study and Share delves into those questions, how the scripture speaks to us in 2023, and how that understanding can guide us. Pastor Myles leads this group on Thursday mornings from 9:00-10:30. You are welcome to join the lively discussion and share some laughter with fellow seekers.

Pollinator Garden

The Climate Care Team has partnered with the Christian Education Board to develop a pollinator garden.  We have learned about the vital role pollinators play and about the value of native plants to feed our native pollinators.

Over the last two years we have planted native bushes and flowers to help support our bee friends.  A wise gardener sizes their garden plot to what can be managed well.  As these plantings become established, we will expand our smorgasbord of native plants for beauty and for support of vital insect populations.

Air quality Monitor

In 2019 there was not an air quality monitor in Rhinelander.  Our air quality information came from Wausau.  The Climate Care Team installed this unassuming little device and has made the air quality information gathered available to anyone interested.

Click this link: You can also search for to find the website.

  1. Once at the website, put your cursor on "map" in the header of the website.  From the three choices, choose "Real-time map."
  2. Give it time to load. The first time you visit the site, it will probably show the map of North America.
  3. You can then zoom in on any area you like. As you zoom in, the individual monitors will show as dots with numbers.
  4. If you zoom in on Rhinelander you should be able to find the monitor (dot) for the air quality monitor on the church.
  5. Click on the dot to get more information about that particular sensor; some history and also the name. Our sensor will be Rhinelander UCC.
  6. To the left you'll see a graph.  That graph will show the trend for the monitor.
  7. You can visit other sites with similar monitors by zooming out.
  8. Have fun with the site! If you are concerned about air quality, you can get real-time data from the center of Rhinelander.

Northwoods Pridefest

First Congregational UCC participates in the annual Northwoods Pride Fest, sponsored by Nicolet Area Technical College.  Sexual orientation and gender identity need not keep you from seeking a Christian community.  You are welcome here.